timber window
Why timber windows
are better for your home?
Plastic degrades, whereas wooden windows have an estimated service life of around 60 years. That’s twice the life of uPVC windows. Plastic windows become discoloured and brittle as a result of exposure to the sun and unlike wood framed windows, they can’t be repaired. In fact, once you maintain and repaint wood windows, their lifespan starts all over again.

Here are 4 SIMPLE STEPS To order of your new windows and enjoy your nice, warm and good looking home.


Find your style

Browse our categories and styles to find the windows that suits your requirements. We manufacture over 50 styles of wooden windows.


Use the form

Use the measurement form to calculate the price of your windows. Once the checkout complete the proforma invoice will be emailed to you.


Documentation setup

Once we have your measurement we will prepare product specification for your acceptance. Once signed, we will start the manufacturing process.


Wait up to 4 weeks

Usually, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for your new windows to be delivered. We can also arrange fitting on your request.